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Green Day

One-day rafting from Brštanovice to Šćepan Polje is about 18 km long and lasts from 3 to 4 hours. On this part of the river there is 21 rapid of total 50.

- 10.30h - Arrival of the participants on Ščepan Polje, breakfast in the restaurant on the riverbank.

- 11.00h - Driving with all- terrain vehicles to the Brštanovica (starting point of the rafting)

- 12.00-12.30h - Preparations for rafting (providing all the participants with life belts, helmets and appropriate waterproof clothes and shoes)

- 12.30-16.00h - Rafting on the most attractive rapids on Tara River (Borovi, Varda, Ćelije, Vjernovića buk…). Pauses during the rafting on the most appropriate spots, taking pictures, swimming…

- 16.00h – Aarrival at Šćepan Polje, the end of the rafting, lunch in the restaurant on the riverbank.

Green 2 Days

Two days rafting from Djurdjevica Tara (Splavište) to Šćepan Polje – rafting all 90 km of floatable part of Tara River.

Day one

- Arrival of the participants on Šljivansko (Splavište), 3 km upstream from the bridge on Djurdjevica Tari till 10h.

- Breakfast on the riverbank, under savardak

- Preparation for rafting (providing all the participants with life belts, helmets and waterproof clothes and shoes).

- Rafting to Radovan Luka, duration from 3 to 4 hours (depending on the water level) with breaks for quick snacks, taking pictures and swimming. On this part of the river we will se Ljutica (the greatest spring in Europe), Djurdjevica Tara Bridge (165 m height), Monastery of Archangel Michael (from the 14th century) Adžijin Buk, Žugića luka, Musovića vrela, Lazin kamen (on this spot Tara River is only 4 meters long and 16 meters deep).

- Walking, fishing, supper and interaction with other participants around campfire.

- Sleeping under tents, in sleeping bags (or optional stay in motel with 15 euro extra payment).

Day two

- Breakfast around 9:00h

- Continuation of rafting through the most beautiful part of Durmitor National Park all the way to Šćcepan Polje. Duration of rafting is from 4 to 6 hours (depending on the water levels), with breaks for quick snacks, taking pictures and swimming. At this part of rafting we will see Tepča village (famous by old wire bridge and attractive rapids; also the spot were the canyon is the deepest), Bajlovića Sige (part of Tara River which served as inspiration to many famous Montenegrin painters), Gornje and Dolje Nozdruć rapids, canyon of Sušica River (river which has its spring on the peak of Durmitor mountain), Prodrtu Usov (great and attractive rapid), Brštanovica camp and Brštanovica rapids which are the longest on the Tara River, Borovi rapids, Varda, Ćelije, Vjernovića Buk…

Green Weekend

First day

- Arrival in the afternoon

- Dinner

- Overnight

Second day

- Breakfast, rafting (Bršljenovica - Šćepan polje) - lunch

- Afternoon socializing, dinner (optional music)

Third day

- Breakfast and preparing for return to the afternoon hours

Green 3 Days

Three days Sljivansko - Radovan Luka -camp" Green" - Scepan Polje ( 82 km )

- Arrival at Sljivansko 5 km upland from bridge at Djurdjevica Tara around 9.00 h Rafting to Levera ( pleace famous by antics remains ), later on light lanch with stops ( foto, swimming, relaks near by waterfalls Bijela vrela )

- Arrival to Radovan Luka around 17.00 h

- Dinner

- Accommodation and sleeping under tents in sleeping bags, or motel at Radovan Luka

Day two

- Breakfast around 9.00 h and continuing with rafting through the most beautiful part of National park Durmitor and Tara ( famous Sige Bajlovica )

- Light meal during short break of rafting

- Continuing with rafting and arrive at camp Green at sunset

- Rich full dinner and party near camp fire

- Sleeping at bungalovs or under tents in beds ( matrices, sheet )

Day three

- Breakfast from 9.00 h to 10.00 h

- Continuing with rafting to Scepan polje

- Around 12.30 h three days rafting is ending

Green Week

The first day

Arrival of guests in camp , accommodation, dinner. fun night at the camp.

The second day

Breakfast . Tour of the monastery of Ostrog , return to camp , lunch and rest. Dinner and overnight at the camp. Daily Route 240 km .

The third day

Breakfast, departure in Kotor , lunch , afternoon in Kotor , dinner and overnight at the camp. Daily Route 410 km

The fourth day

Breakfast and departure to Zabljak , a tour of Zabljak , the Crno jezero and NP Durmitor , lunch , going to camp for dinner and overnight at the camp. Daily Route 130 km

The fifth day

Tour NP Tjentište ( rainforest ), rest on Vidikovac with lunch package , return to camp , dinner. Daily Route 140 km

The Sixth Day

Breakfast , rafting , lunch and afternoon break , dinner and socializing with live music .

Seventh Day

Breakfast and prepare guests for homecoming

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